Corey Critell


My passion for fitness began after watching my mom go through her own 100lb+ weight loss journey. Watching her find confidence in herself through fitness helped me to do the same. When I was in 8th grade, I was cut from my middle school football team and decided I needed to take control of my life. I began a nightly routine of pushups, situps and squats that I did religiously for years. By the time I graduated high school, I had several division 1 scholarship offers across the US for football. The most important lesson I learned during that time was that you can either be a product of your environment or create your own environment. Fitness gave me a newfound confidence in myself that I could achieve anything, and I simply want other people to experience the same thing. Fitness will change your life if you let it!

Araksi Critell

Digital Marketing Manager

My passion for fitness began as a young adult when my sister bought me a gym membership. Little did my sister know that gift would turn into a career and a passion that would ultimately redirect the course of my life. I am a registered nurse and a competitive bodybuilder. After moving to Georgia from California, I chose to leave the nursing field to join my husband, Corey, in a business with the mission to Inspire Transformation through fitness.

Ellie Klarl

Operations Manager

My first time with a gym membership started like many people: not knowing what to do and ending up on the treadmill for most of the workout. I was fortunate enough to have my brother encourage me to venture to the weights and teach me the benefits of strength-training from the beginning. My foundation in fitness began with bodybuilding, which taught me a lot about discipline. Fast forward a few years, and I was faced with health challenges of my own. Fitness, health, and functionality took on a whole new meaning for me, as I was challenged to grow in my knowledge and perspective. Fitness gives me a quality of life that doctors didn't know was possible. I am passionate about being an example in the fitness industry and chose this career path to stay true to my values and help others find their own joy in movement.

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